Cylinder type


Pneumatic actuator in which the pressure energy of a compressed gas can be converted to mechanical energy is converted into mechanical energy. There are two types of reciprocating motion and reciprocating motion of the cylinder. Do reciprocating linear motion of the cylinder can be divided into single acting cylinder, double acting cylinder, diaphragm type cylinder and the impact of the cylinder 4.

Single acting cylinder: only one end of a piston rod, from one side of a piston gas jet pressure, pressure to push the piston thrust out, by a spring or weight to return.

Double acting cylinder: the two sides of the piston alternately gas supply, the output force in one or two directions.

Diaphragm type cylinder: use the diaphragm instead of the piston, only in one direction of the output force, with a spring reset. Its sealing performance is good, but the trip is short.

The impact cylinder: This is a new type of element. It is the pressure of compressed gas can be converted to high speed piston (10 ~ 20 m / s) movement of the kinetic energy to do work.

The rodless cylinder: a cylinder piston rod of the no name. Magnetic cylinder, cable cylinder two categories.

The oscillating cylinder is said to swing the cylinder, and the inner cavity is divided into two by the blade, and the air supply is supplied to the two chamber, and the output shaft is made to swing, and the swing angle is less than 280. In addition, there are rotary cylinder, gas-liquid damping cylinder and step into the cylinder, etc..

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