2015 annual summary and Nian Yefan

Issuing time:2016-06-07 08:56

In February 3, 2016, the company in the table tennis club, all staff of the company held the 2015 annual year-end summary of the general assembly.

The year-end summary conference hosted by the office of the director, and work with the companys two total aid to various departments of the company 2015 summary, and on 2016 opening goal planning.

The review of overall operation of the company in 2015, the outlook for the 2016 strategic planning for the conference theme. General manager Mr. Xia Guowei, at the meeting published ebullience and inspiring the year-end summary. First of all thank all the staff work hard to create a good performance for the company, and to encourage all employees of the company in 2016, the new year, the courage to open up, forge ahead in unity, create brilliant!

The annual summary of the general manager and all the staff is obtained in the presence of bursts of applause. 2015 annual summary conference ended successfully.

The 2016 new year Nian Yefan, then kicked off. In a happy and harmonious family atmosphere, the company leadership and staff gathered bless each other, share of the work, life and fun experience. During the meeting, also held a company at the end of the first heavy drama - (one or two, three, grand sweepstakes award).

In 2016 the leader who will be the new spirit to meet the new challenges and opportunities, to create new glory!

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