Our company was awarded the Fenghua municipal enterprise technology innovation team

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:05

To effectively increase the enterprise’s independent innovation capability and core competitiveness, vigorously promote the construction of innovative city, our company actively respond to the government the spirit of the document, since 2014 May began to my company to declare Fenghua city enterprise technology innovation team project to the Organization Department of the CPC Fenghua Municipal Committee, the Fenghua municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau, Fenghua Municipal Bureau of finance, layer upon layer screening through intense competition, talent showing itself, more than 50 enterprises in our final from the city’s declaration, successful re-election.

Since the preliminary project after the start, first from the more than 50 enterprises selected 20 enterprises to carry out a review, review launched by experts form the respondent, finally evaluation expert scoring draw level basis. My company’s high performance miniature solenoid valve R & D team under the leadership of Prof. Chen Junhua, success of the Fenghua city enterprise technology innovation team honor.

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