"The school come" activities carried out smoothly

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:06

Care for the children of migrant workers, by the Communist Youth League during the Xi Kou Zhen lead organization of City Institute of YVA volunteers in "the school come" position specifically for their children with no one to look after the reading service, so that parents can feel at ease to work, but also provide a good growth environment for children.

In October 26, 2014, Ji Shan China business hall "the school come first" position of opening to the outside world, ushered in the first batch of migrant children. Six the children of foreign workers in our company have the privilege to participate in this public welfare activities. Parents for the environment and teacher education are very satisfied, have said that "the school come" to help them to help solve any menace from the "rear", can devote to work to. After this position every weekend afternoon to migrant children free of charge, to let their children have a good place for the weekend.

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