Solenoid valve common fault

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An electromagnetic valve is composed of an electromagnetic coil and a magnetic core, and is a valve body with one or several holes. When the coil is energized or power cut, the operation of the magnetic core will cause the fluid through the valve body or be cut off in order to achieve the purpose of changing the direction of the fluid. Parts of the electromagnetic solenoid valve by the fixed iron core, moving core, coil and other components composition; body part by the sliding spool valve, slide valve sleeve, the spring base and other components. The electromagnetic coil is directly mounted on the valve body, the valve body is sealed in the sealing pipe, and forms a simple and compact combination. We commonly used in the production of solenoid valve has three two, four two, five, two, etc.. Here to talk about the meaning of the two: for the solenoid valve is charged and lost, for the control of the valve is open and close.

Solenoid valve failure will directly affect the switch valve and control valve action, a common failure of the solenoid valve does not move, the following aspects of the investigation should be:

1, solenoid valve head loose or thread off wiring, electric solenoid valve shall be fastened thread.

2, solenoid valve coil burned out, separating the solenoid valve wiring, with million with measurement table, if open, the

solenoid valve coil burned out. The reason is that the coil is damp, cause the insulation is not good and leakage, cause the coil current is too large and burned, so to prevent rain water into the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring is excellent, the reaction force is too large, the number of turns of the coil is too small, not enough suction can also make the coil burned. Emergency treatment, can be the manual button on the coil from the normal work of the "0" bit hit "1" bit, making the valve open.

3, the solenoid valve stuck: electromagnetic valve slide valve sleeve and spool with the gap is very small (less than 0.008mm) are generally single assembly, when a mechanical impurities into or lubricating oil is too little, it is easy to get stuck. Treatment can hold into the wire hole from the head to make it bounce. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, remove the spool and spool cover, with CCI4 cleaning, so that the valve spool in the valve set of flexible. Attention should be paid to the assembly sequence of the components and the external connection position, so that the re assembly and wiring is correct, but also to check the oil spray hole is blocked, the oil is sufficient.

4, leakage: leakage will cause insufficient air pressure, making force the valve opening and closing difficult. The reason is that the slide valve gasket damage or wear caused by several cavity channeling gas. In dealing with the failure of the solenoid valve switching system should be choose the appropriate time, such as the solenoid valve is energized when processing, if a switch gap within the treatment could not finish, switching system was suspended, calm handling.

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