The difference between electric valve and solenoid valve

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Solenoid valve solenoid valve is a magnetic force to overcome the pressure of the spring to overcome the pressure of the spool action, an electromagnetic coil, the structure is simple, cheap, only to achieve the switch;

Electric valve is driven by the motor to drive the valve stem, drive spool action, electric valve and sub (off valve) and control valve. Shut off valve is two type of work is fully open and fully closed, valve is on the installation of electric valve positioner, by closed-loop regulation to the valve dynamic stability in a position.

Comparison of the use of electric valve and solenoid valve
Solenoid valve: for liquid and gas pipeline switch control, is the two bit DO control. Generally used for small pipe control.
Electric valve: used for the liquid, gas and air flow of the wind system to regulate the flow of analog, AI control. In the large valve and the control of the wind system can also be used to do electric valve two switch control.

Solenoid valve: can only be used as a switch, is DO control, can only be used for small pipe control, common in DN50 and the following pipeline.

Electric valve: can have AI feedback signal, can be controlled by DO or AO, more common in large pipes and wind valve, etc..

1, switch mode:
Solenoid valve through the coil drive, can only be on or off, the switch time is short.

Electric valve driver is generally used motor, open or close action to complete the need for a certain amount of time simulation, you can do to adjust.

2, the nature of work:
Solenoid valve general flow coefficient is very small, and the work pressure difference is very small. For example, the general 25 diameter solenoid valve flow coefficient than the 15 diameter of the electric ball valve is much smaller. Solenoid valve driven by the electromagnetic coil is relatively easy to be damaged by voltage impact. Equivalent to the role of the switch, which is open and close the 2 roles.

Electric valve is generally used to drive motor, compared with the voltage impact. Solenoid valve is fast open and close, generally used in small flow and small pressure, the requirements of large switching frequency of the local electric valve on the contrary. Electric valve opening of the valve can be controlled, the state has opened, closed, half open and half closed, you can control the flow of media in the pipeline and the solenoid valve can not reach this requirement.

Solenoid valve general power can be reset, the electric valve to be such a function needs to be reset device.

3, applicable technology:
Solenoid valve suitable for some special process requirements, such as leakage, fluid media, such as special, the price is more expensive.

Electric valve is generally used to regulate, but also the amount of switch, such as: the end of the fan coil.

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