Trouble shooting of solenoid valve

Issuing time:2018-08-04 09:10

Solenoid valve does not work after power
Check the power supply wiring is connected to the adverse re wiring and connectors
Different kinds of solenoid valve
Different kinds of solenoid valve (34 pieces)
Check whether the power supply voltage is in the range of working - to adjust the normal position range
Whether to re weld connecting coil
Coil short circuit
Work pressure is not appropriate to adjust the pressure difference, or replace the appropriate solenoid valve
Solenoid valve with high fluid temperature and replacement
The main valve core and the movable iron core of the electromagnetic valve are sealed to be cleaned by the impurities, and the seal and the filter can be replaced if the seal is damaged.
Liquid viscosity is too large, the frequency is too high and life expectancy has been to replace the product
Solenoid valve can not be closed
The sealing part of the main valve core or the iron moving core is damaged to replace the sealing part.
Fluid temperature, viscosity is too high to replace the solenoid valve counterpart
Impurities into the solenoid valve or moving iron core to carry out cleaning
Spring life has arrived or deformation
Throttle orifice plug - in - time cleaning
The operating frequency is too high or the life has come to new products or updates
Other conditions
Internal leakage to check whether the seal is damaged, whether the spring assembly is bad
The connection is loose or the seal is broken, or the seal is broken.
When energized with noise, on the head fasteners loose, tighten. Voltage fluctuation is not within the allowable range, adjust the good voltage. Core pull impurities or uneven surface, timely cleaning or replacement.

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