Solenoid valve selection attention - Installation attention

Issuing time:2018-08-04 09:10

1, the installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the medium flow. Can not be directly installed in a place dripping or splashing water. Solenoid valve should be installed vertically upward;

2, the solenoid valve should be guaranteed in the power supply voltage for the rated voltage of the 15%-10% range of normal work;

3, solenoid valve installation, the pipeline may not have a reverse pressure. And need to power several times, so that the appropriate temperature can be officially put into use;

4, solenoid valve should be thoroughly cleaned before installation pipeline. The media should be free of impurities. Valve front mounted filter;

5, when the solenoid valve failure or cleaning, to ensure that the system continues to run, should be installed bypass device.

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