Solenoid valve selection attention - selection basis

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Selection basis
Electromagnetic valve selection should first turn follow the safety, reliability, applicability, economy of the Ohara, followed by choose according to six aspects of site conditions (i.e. pipeline parameters and fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action mode, special requirements of).

Selection basis:
1, according to the pipeline parameters to select the solenoid valve: the path specification (DN), the interface mode
1) according to the diameter of the pipe diameter or flow requirements to determine the diameter (DN) size;
2) the interface and general >DN50 to choose the flange interface, DN50 is based on user needs freedom of choice.
2, according to the fluid parameters of the selection of solenoid valve: material, temperature group

1 corrosive fluid: should use corrosion-resistant solenoid valve and all stainless steel; edible ultra clean fluid: should use food grade stainless steel solenoid valve;
2) high temperature fluids: to choose the use of high temperature resistant electrical materials and sealing materials, but also to choose the type of piston structure;
3) fluid state: large to have gas, liquid or mixed state, especially when the diameter is greater than DN25 must be distinguished;
4) fluid viscosity: usually 50cSt the following can be arbitrary choice, if more than this value, it is to choose a high viscosity solenoid valve.

3, according to the pressure parameters of the selection of solenoid valve: principle and structure of varieties
1) nominal pressure: this parameter is the same as the meaning of other general valves, is based on the nominal pressure of the pipe;
2) working pressure: if the work pressure is low, it is necessary to choose the straight or step by step principle; the minimum working pressure difference is 0.04Mpa or more.

4, electrical choice: voltage specifications should be as high as possible to select the DC24, AC220V is more convenient.

5, according to the duration of the work to choose: normally closed, normally open, or sustainable power
1) when the solenoid valve to open for a long time, and the duration is more than the time off should be used normally open type;
2) if the time is short or open and close the time is not a long time, then choose the normally closed type;
3) but for some of the security conditions, such as the furnace, furnace flame monitoring, you can not select normally open, to be elected to the long-term power type.

6, according to the requirements of the environment to select the auxiliary function: anti explosion, check back, manual, waterproof fog, water leaching, diving.

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