Main categories of solenoid valve

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1, solenoid valve is divided into three categories from the principle of:

Direct acting solenoid valve
Principle: when the power is on, the electromagnetic force of the electromagnetic force to shut off the valve seat, the valve open; power, the electromagnetic force disappears, the spring to close the pressure on the seat, the valve closed.

Features: in a vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure can work normally, but generally not more than 25mm.

Step by step direct acting solenoid valve
Principle: it is a direct action and the principle of combining the pilot, when the inlet and outlet pressure difference, the power, the electromagnetic force directly to the pilot valve and main valve closed in order to lift the valve, the valve opens. When the entrances and exits to start pressure, the electricity, the electromagnetic force pilot a small valve, main valve cavity pressure increased, the chamber pressure drops, thus the use of pressure to push up the main valve; power, the pilot valve by the spring force or medium pressure to promote the closure of parts, moving down, so that the valve is closed.
Features: in the zero pressure or vacuum, high pressure can also be a * action, but the power is larger, the requirements must be installed horizontally.

Pilot type solenoid valve
Principle: power, the electromagnetic force to open the pilot hole, the chamber pressure to drop rapidly, in closed formed around the lower of high pressure, fluid pressure to promote the closure of parts moving up, the valve open; power, the spring force the pilot hole closed, the inlet pressure through the bypass hole quickly the chamber around the valve off on the formation of low on the high pressure, fluid pressure to promote the closure of parts moving down, close the valve.
Features: the upper limit of the fluid pressure range is higher, can be arbitrarily installed (to be customized) but must meet the conditions of fluid pressure difference.

2, solenoid valve from the valve structure and materials on different principles and different, divided into six branch categories: direct acting diaphragm structure, step by step direct acting diaphragm structure, the pilot diaphragm structure, direct acting piston structure, step by step direct acting piston structure, the pilot piston structure.

3, the electromagnetic valve in accordance with the functional classification: water electromagnetic valve, the gas solenoid valve, liquid electromagnetic valve, miniature electromagnetic valve, pulse electromagnetic valve, solenoid hydraulic valve normally open solenoid valve, oil solenoid valves, DC solenoid valve, high pressure electromagnetic valve, explosion-proof electromagnetic valve electromagnetic valve, steam solenoid valve, refrigeration electromagnetic valve, low temperature solenoid valve, gas solenoid valve, fire electromagnetic valve, ammonia.

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