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The deformation of the cylinder with a larger surface or leakage is serious, the combination of surface scrape method

If the cylinder combination of surface deformation within 0.05mm range, above the cylinder joint surface as the base, in the cylinder under the combined with surface coated Hongdan or embossing blue paper, according to the trace of scraping cylinder. If the combination of cylinder surface deformation, with red lead in the cylinder, with traces of research to research on cylinder leveling ruler. Or take the method of machining the cylinder with surface leveling, and above the cylinder for scraping cylinder with surface under reference. There are two methods for the research of the cylinder joint surface:

It's not tight joint surface of the bolt, Jack slightly push cylinder before and after the move, according to the combination of cylinder surface Hongdan coloring to scrape. This method is suitable for the high pressure cylinder with rigid structure.
The tight binding surface of the bolt, the feeler to check the tightness of joints, detect traces of numerical and extruding, scraping with surface. This method can exclude the impact of gap cylinder sag.

The appropriate use of cylinder sealing material

Because there is no uniform national standards and industry standards for steam turbine cylinder sealant, the production of raw materials and formulations also vary, uneven quality of products; in the selection of turbine cylinder sealant, it is necessary to choose a reputation in the industry and product quality have guarantee of formal manufacturers to ensure the maintenance treatment after the cylinder rigor.

3 local welding method

Due to the joint face of a cylinder is steam erosion or corrosion grooves, choose suitable electrode to groove mark adding flat, with flat or ruler research trace, scraping and grinding bead and joint surface in the same plane. Cylinder deformation of joint surface is large or serious steam leakage and cylinder joint surface welding a or two 10 - 20mm wide close to eliminate the gap sealing tape and take a ruler or is in the buckle measurement on the cylinder, and apply minium scraping until you can eliminate the gap. The operation of the process is also very simple, preheat the cylinder to 150 C before welding, and then at room temperature for the sub - welding or welding. The selection of austenitic electrode, such as A407, A412, after welding with asbestos cloth insulated cover. To be cooled room temperature for grinding and repairing.

The combination of surface coating or spraying cylinder

When the cylinder is combined with larger area on the surface of the steam leakage, gap in about 0.50mm, in order to reduce the workload of scraping research, available plating process. Cylinder as the anode material, coated with cathode and in cylinder with surface repeatedly brushing electrolytic solution, coating thickness to cylinder in accordance with the size of the surface gap, the kinds of coated to according to the material of the cylinder and scraping process and. Spraying is to use a special high temperature flame spray gun to heat the metal powder to melt or reach the state of plastic sprayed in the treated cylinder surface, forming a layer with the desired properties of the coating method. The device is characterized in that the device is simple, the operation is convenient and the coating is firm, and the cylinder temperature is only 70 degrees C after spraying, and the cylinder is not deformed, and the coating can obtain heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Attention is in besmear plating and spraying to on the cylinder surface grinding, degreasing, napping, Tu Du and after spraying to the coating of scraping, ensure that the combination of tight surface.

The method of combining surface pad

If it is combined with local side clearance leakage is not great, available 80 - 100 to copper mesh after heat treatment the hardness decrease, and then cut into the appropriate shape, shop in the combination of surface leakage of steam, together with the cylinder sealant. If combined with the surface of the gap is larger, the serious leakage, the joint surface and wide depth of 50mm 5mm slot, the tooth pad embedded in the middle IGr18Ni9Ti, tooth cushion thickness general than the depth of the groove large 0.05 - about 0.08mm and available the same shape stainless steel gasket do to adjust.

The control method of bolt stress

If the deformation of the cylinder surface is small, and it is very uniform, it can be replaced with a gap in the new bolt, or appropriate to increase the preload of the bolt. Tighten from the middle to both sides at the same time, that is, from the vertical arc maximum or the force deformation of the largest local fastening bolt. Theory and control bolt pretightening force formulas are available d/L is less than or equal to a to calculate, but due to the method of the calculation and the measurement data are still being studied, did not achieve promotion, the bolt of the maximum allowable should force according to the experience.

Using the method of the polymer material in the new period

With the further development of the technology, polymer composites have been successfully applied in the maintenance of the cylinder. Compared to the polymer composites is more excellent resistance to high temperature, good pressure resistance performance compared with the traditional methods, and more excellent sealing performance and has a good plastic degeneration, heating not curing, sealing film can not be damaged, thus ensuring the mechanical sealing surface of the seal, coupled with easy cleaning, use the sealing surface can be to use ethanol or acetone easily wipe, and does not adhere to the sealing cover; because of its excellent performance, and gradually by the favor of more and more enterprises cylinder.

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