Common failure of cylinder

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Problems and causes

The cylinder is cast, cylinder factory to after aging treatment, so that the cylinder in live casting process generated by the internal force is completely eliminated. If the aging time is short, so the processing of the cylinder in the future operation will be deformed.

The cylinder at run time by force is very complicated, not only by inside and outside the cylinder gas pressure difference and mounted on the weight of the various components of the static load, but also bear the steam out of the stator to static part reaction, and various connecting the thermal state of the pipeline under steam cylinder force, under the interaction of these forces cylinder is easy to occur plastic deformation caused by leakage.

3 cylinder load changes too fast, especially the rapid start-up, shutdown and working condition changes when the temperature changes, heated cylinder is not correct, downtime open insulation layer premature, and in the flange and cylinder produced great thermal stress and thermal deformation.

The cylinder in the process of machining or after repairing welding produced stress, but not on cylinder tempering can be eliminated, resulting in cylinder large residual stress exists, in operation produce permanent deformation.

, in the process of installation or maintenance, due to the maintenance process and maintenance technology, the inner cylinder, cylinder partition, partition sets and steam jacket expansion gap inappropriate or hanging ear plate expansion gap inappropriate, after running produced huge expansion force, the deformation of the cylinder.

The use of cylinder sealing quality is not good, impurities or is the wrong type; cylinder sealant if there is solid impurity particles will enable combination of sealing surface is difficult to close.

But the bolt tightening force is insufficient or unqualified material bolt. The tightness of the cylinder surface is realized by the tightening force of the bolt. The thermal stress and high temperature caused by the starting and stopping of the unit or the increase or decrease of the load can cause the stress relaxation of the bolt. If the stress is insufficient, the preload of the bolt will gradually decrease. If the cylinder bolt material is not good, bolt in the long run, in the heat should under the action of force and cylinder expansion force is elongated, plastic deformation or fracture, tension will be insufficient, so that the cylinder leakage phenomenon.

The cylinder bolt is not in the correct order. General cylinder bolt tightening is from the middle to both sides of the fastener is from the maximum sag or where the greatest fastening force deformation, so will the deformation at the biggest gap transfer to the free end of the cylinder before and after, the last gap gradually disappear. If it is tight from both sides to the middle, the gap will be concentrated in the middle of the cylinder combined with the formation of a bow shaped gap, causing steam leakage.

Cylinder, leakage, generally due to the piston rod installation eccentric, insufficient supply of lubricating oil, sealing ring and seal ring wear or damage, there are impurities in the cylinder and piston rod caused by damage and so on. So when the cylinder internal and external leakage should be re adjust the center of the piston rod, so as to ensure the coaxiality of the piston rod and the cylinder barrel; must always check the oil mist device is reliable, in order to guarantee the implementation of good lubrication performance of the element; when the sealing ring and a sealing ring wear or damage ring shall be promptly replaced; if the cylinder in the presence of impurities should be promptly removed; the piston rod has a scar, should be renewed.

The output force of the cylinder is not enough and the movement is not smooth, usually because the piston or the piston rod is stuck, the lubrication is not enough, the gas supply is insufficient, or the cylinder is caused by condensation water and impurities. In this regard, the center of the piston rod should be adjusted to check whether the work of the oil mist sprayer is reliable. When the cylinder memory has condensed water and impurities, should be cleared in time.

The cushioning effect of the cylinder is poor, generally due to the damage of the buffer seal ring or the adjustment screw. At this point, should replace the sealing ring and adjusting screw.

The piston rod of the cylinder and the cylinder head is damaged, is generally caused by the eccentric rod installation or buffer mechanism does not play the role. In this regard, the central position of the piston rod should be adjusted; the replacement of the buffer seal ring or the adjusting screw.

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