Cylinder development history

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The principle of the cylinder is derived from the cannon:

The cylinder comes from the cannon? This is not sensational. The cylinder on your car is really related to the cannon.

In 1680, the Holland scientist Horns was inspired by the principles of cannon, he thought, such as the powerful force used to promote the shell is not very good? He started still with gunpowder for the burning of explosives, shells will be changed to "piston", to "cylinder barrel, and a one-way valve. He injected gunpowder in the cylinder, when the ignition of gunpowder, the gunpowder violent explosion of combustion, to promote the piston upward movement, and generate power. At the same time, the huge pressure of the explosion gas also pushed the one-way valve, exhaust gas. Then, the residual gas in the cylinder becomes colder and the air pressure is lower, the external pressure of the cylinder pushes the piston downward to prepare for the next explosion. Of course, because the journey is too long, the efficiency is too low, he did not succeed in the end. But it was Horns who first put forward the idea of "internal combustion engine", and later on the basis of the invention of the automobile engine.

Early cars use single cylinder engine

Automotive founder Karl Benz and Daimler in the year design making cars, they invariably only a cylinder of the engine. Just as we think a car can't use two or more engines, it is estimated that people won't even think of an engine with two or more cylinders. Now, however, is different. The first mention of the developed countries to see the domestic automobile advertising will be found that many manufacturers always take engine cylinder number and arrangement of commenting, sell mini car strongly blowing drum his car is a four cylinder engine instead of three cylinder, with V6 engine must be confused, eye-catching eye-catching V, advertising indeed played a significant effect, a lot of fans is a recognition of the "4 cylinder than a 3 cylinder" and "six cylinder 4 cylinder good", "V type than in an in-line", "V type engine is advanced engine" concept. There are nearly 20 vehicles in the domestic car assembly of the V6 or V8 type engine.

A single cylinder diesel engine crankshaft every two weeks to produce a combustion of acting, so it sounds is not continuous and smooth, listen to listen to small displacement motorcycles. The most unacceptable is running very stable, fluctuation of speed greatly, and the shape of the single cylinder engine is not suitable for installed in the car. To this end, the car has not seen a single cylinder engine, two cylinder engine is not good, at least 3 cylinder engine. The domestic production of Beverly vans, old Xiali cars, Geely pride and Alto, Folel, are all equipped with 3 cylinder engine.

1 liters of the mini car with 3 cylinder, 1 to 2 liters of the engine is generally used 4 or 5 cylinder engine. 2 liters or more of the engine is mostly 6 cylinder, 4 liters or more of the engine to use the majority of the 8 cylinders.

In the case of the same displacement, increasing the number of cylinders can increase the speed of the engine, which can improve the output power of the engine. In addition, increasing the number of cylinders can make the engine running more smoothly, so that the output torque and output power is more stable. Increasing the number of cylinders can make it easier to start and accelerate the response. In order to improve the performance of the vehicle, the number of cylinders must be increased. Therefore, luxury cars, sports cars, cars and other high performance gas vehicles in the number of cylinders are more than 6 cylinders, up to 16 cylinders have been reached.

However, the increase in the number of cylinders can not be unlimited. Because with the increase of the number of cylinders, also proportional to engine number of components increase, so that the engine structure complex, lower the engine's reliability, increase weight of the engine, improve the manufacturing cost and use cost, increase fuel consumption, and the larger volume of the engine. Therefore, the number of cylinders in the engine is based on the use and performance requirements of the engine.
Stand in a row.

In-line engine

Inline engines (line engine), it all the cylinders were side by side lined a plane, the cylinder block and crankshaft has the advantages of simple structure, and the use of a cylinder cover, low manufacturing cost, high stability, low speed torque characteristic, less fuel consumption, compact size, application more extensive. The disadvantage is that the power is low. "Straight line" can be represented by L, followed by the cylinder number is the engine code, the modern car is mainly L3, L4, L5, L6 type engine.

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