Yiwu international textile machinery exhibition, 2015

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:02

From November 30, 2015 to December 3rd, our company participated in the Zhejiang international textile machinery exhibition organized by the people’s Government of Yiwu Province, which is located in Yiwu International Expo Center, which lasted for 4 days. Lida pneumatic operation for gas dynamic products manufacturer and the gas dynamic application solutions provider with great enthusiasm, participated in the exhibition. The show on a comprehensive display of the company’s products, including the latest model products and some specific products, while the proposed means in a certain situation can be customized according to customer demand for pneumatic products.

Lida pneumatic brand in the industry’s visibility and reputation higher, the scene of the new products debut, attracted the attention of many related enterprises, have come to the booth to consult and negotiate.

All the staff in Lida’s joint effort, the exhibition ends on December 3rd. Leader of the gas dynamic to the show as an opportunity, not only once again to show the company’s technology strength were also collected at the same time a large number of potential customers first hand information and data, the more in-depth understanding of customer needs, in order to determine the products in the future development trend, to provide customers with specialized products demand.

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