The company holds the family open day activities

Issuing time:2018-08-04 09:02

September 5, company and Santa Fe machinery, wicks hydraulic, vermon Santa Fe agricultural machinery four company in Santa Fe mechanical activity room held first employee family open day, from the four children of employees a total of more than 60 attended the event.

Activities began, first SHENGFEI machinery king on behalf of the company address, to everyone’s arrival welcomed the majority of employees daily hard work to express gratitude and respect, and especially for the majority of the families of the understanding and support of relatives thanks. Activity, the student representative wrote a letter to the parents, each group of children also performed the program, and visited the company, so that children see their parents work hard, to understand the hardships of their work. Through the activities to promote children’s understanding and gratitude to their parents, and enhance the cohesion of the family, happiness and staff and family members of the sense of identity and sense of belonging to the enterprise.

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