Companies to carry out fire drill Report

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:03

To further strengthen the fire safety training, improve the fire safety awareness of all employees, enhance fire professional skills, improve the emergency response capabilities, in August 22nd, the company carried out a fire drill outside the company, the company’s office director Dai Jiancheng, Ann tube member Luo Junpei, production line of cars and more than the main leaders of the main leadership and other.

The main contents of the exercise include the introduction of the theory of fire prevention and fire accident and the basic method of fire prevention, fire prevention and fire prevention, fire prevention, fire prevention, fire prevention and other aspects should be paid attention to in the future.

In the course of the exercise, and actively participate in all participating personnel, full of enthusiasm to achieve the desired effect. Through this exercise, participating staff awareness of fire safety, to further enhance, more profound understanding to the importance and necessity of fire control work, master of fire extinguishing method and self-help skills, learned in the encounter fire accidents and other emergencies emergency disposal method, for the later work carried out to lay a solid foundation, received good results.

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