The company in Fenghua to participate in the twenty-third

Issuing time:2018-08-04 09:03

Fenghua City, the twenty-third "tiger Cup" basketball game in July 2015 at the opening of the City Sports Center Stadium lights. The company sent 15 new team led by Xia Chao to participate in the competition. Company leadership attaches great importance to the event, the general manager of each game is personally on the scene to cheer for the team. On the court members are actively involved, artificial sweat, tenacious struggle, field cheerleaders enthusiasm is rising, desperately cheer an unprecedented atmosphere of warm. The tiger Cup "basketball not only to the units show Lida Company positive youth style, but also to enhance the company’s cohesion and combat effectiveness, to foster a sense of the collective honor, to promote the friendship between the players, show the company solidarity, harmony, the courage to fight fight spirit.

It is understood, the city’s various enterprises and institutions, the basketball club of land from the survey, AIRTAC, fire brigade, Jiaerling, such as 16 teams is more than 250 amateur of basketball in the basketball preliminaries. The last leader pneumatic basketball team made fifth excellent achievements.

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