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Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:04

To carry forward the Chinese nation charitable, benevolent, the traditional virtues of the relief of the poor and needy, mobilize social resources for the poor, charity, and promote the construction of harmonious Xikou. My company to respond positively to the Fenghua municipal government on carrying out the 13th "charity donation day" activities in the spirit of the document, according to the Xikou charity branch carry out charity donation day "activities to implement the program," the notification, July 18, we carried out "charity donation day" activities, to raise money for charity, to help difficult masses give yourself a love.

After more than a week of propaganda and mobilization, and create a good atmosphere, after the start of the activities, all employees actively participate. In the event, Guo Wei Xia, general manager of the company to take the lead, actively lead the donations of 2000 yuan, employees to respond positively to have generously.

The event although it is in line with the principle of voluntary, but got positive response from all the staff, we have generous donations. Although it is a day of pay, a day of pocket money, but the focus is the love of the ocean. This event, the total staff of the final total of 10025.3 yuan donation. Although the total amount of donations is not much, but enough to express my company’s staff of the charity. We hope this love can help the poor people to send a warm, send a hope. Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance. The donation activities, the company have been a love of education and baptism, some employees from their wages gave their true feelings, to express love is priceless; some from his own pocket money to dedicate the love, expressed pure affection, from harvest to help the happiness of human music, also let us see the strength of the group, promote the company the mutual love and the formation of a good atmosphere, let those who are in need of help people feel the love from the leader of the family.

According to the spirit of the document, after the event, unit collective contributions in 1000 yuan (including 1000 yuan) above donations from individuals, in 300 yuan (including 300 yuan) above in the end of Fenghua daily and Xikou television announced. My company, Xia Chunbo, Xia Jiayong, Saichun single Xia Chao donated 500 yuan, Mr Dai donated 300 yuan. Then we will all the money to the charity Xikou branch, this event was a complete success.

Activity has a period, but love unlimited......

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