2015 company annual meeting activity reports

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:04

Time flies, time flies, and shortly busy 2014 has been in the past, looking forward to 2015 to us. New year, new goals and nurture hope, Ningbolida aerodynamic package Ltd. 2015 Spring Reception activities held on February 8 at Xikou Wuling Hotel.

The annual meeting also provides employees with a display of self and team arena, each sector partnerships have brought different forms, dizzying performances, dancing, singing, poetry recitation, magic, etc., in the middle also interspersed novel game, everyone involved with the intentions, showing the joy of the family feast Leader. These not only give us some laughter but also allow each other’s hearts closer colleagues. With the prize, second prize, first prize of birth, have launched a year will climax. Company leaders affection interact with employees, exciting sweepstakes, so singing, applause, cheers been rippling in the meeting room.

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