Common pitfalls of business contracts and risk management practices of training

Issuing time:2016-06-07 09:05

Early 2015, you should consider the current credit economy, the legal economy, especially after the decision to consider the upper and Beijing Pacific Century (Shanghai) law firm and legal counsel. The company hired legal counsel, the ultimate goal is not to "court", but to help the company and its decision-makers to improve awareness of the law, try to eliminate the company in the management of legal loopholes to minimize the company’s legal activity in the market economy risk, to take effective preventive measures fundamentally, the company can do to predict risk and take preventive measures to reduce or avoid the occurrence of disputes, and ultimately achieve less litigation or litigation purposes. To do this in the March 19, by Zhang lawyer for sales, purchasing, production, technology, finance, administration and other departments of our company lesson "common pitfalls of business contracts and risk management practices of training," the purpose of the contract on how to regulate the flow , preparation of contracts, avoiding contract risks to explain. After listening to everyone on contract management is very enlightening, but also lay a good foundation for the future work of the contract specifications.

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